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Discovering ABAP is a knowledge portal for SAP consultants, especially for SAP ABAP Developers looking for upskilling themselves on the latest skills like ABAP Expressions, ABAP on HANA, RESTful Application Programming a.k.a. RAP, OOABAP, and OData Development along with code samples.

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SAP ABAP has rapidly evolved over the last few years. With the introduction of S/4 HANA, the new coding style of Code Pushdown has to be adopted. This means adopting ABAP development using Eclipse ADT and learning CDS Data Modeling, and AMDP. ABAP on HANA is one of the must-have skills for all ABAP Developers.

Visit ABAP on HANA series for Tutorials on CDS, AMDP, Eclipse, and ALV IDA.

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ABAP Expressions

An expression is part of an ABAP statement that returns a result. An expression consists of one or more operands in combination with operators or special ABAP words. If you are not using ABAP 7.4 syntax or think that ABAP 7.4 is only about Inline Data Declaration then go through the below page to learn all about the latest syntaxes that you should know and use effectively as ABAP Developer.

Read about more such ABAP expressions and exciting new syntaxes: ABAP Expressions (7.4+)

Object Oriented ABAP a.k.a. OOABAP

Object-oriented ABAP (OO ABAP) is an extension of the ABAP programming language that allows developers to write code using object-oriented principles where code and data are organized into objects where code can operate on the data easily, providing better modularity, reusability, and maintainability. SAP recommends using OO ABAP over Conventional ABAP as much as possible, so, if you have not adopted OO ABAP for all purposes, this series will be helpful to get started.

For more posts on Object Oriented ABAP, please visit the page OOABAP.

OData Development in SAP using SEGW and CDS with BOPF

Visit OData Development in SAP to explore all articles on OData.

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

Visit ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model to explore all articles on ABAP RAP Model.

ABAP Code Samples

Visit ABAP Code Samples page for more code samples.

SAP Tips & Tricks

For more SAP Tips, Tricks, and How-to posts visit SAP Tips & Tricks


Visit SAPUI5/Fiori page for more posts.

ABAP Debugger

Visit ABAP Debugger page to see more articles on debugging.

ABAP Editor

To know more about such cool features visit ABAP editor page.

SAP Conversational AI

Visit the page SAP Conversational AI to see all posts in this series.

Devtoberfest 2022

Check out Devtoberfest Learning Experience 2022 series to find my take on the ABAP sessions.


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