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ABAP on HANA : CDS Views

This is the blog post series for CDS View and CDS Entities.

  1. Introduction to CDS Views
  2. Joins in CDS Views
  3. CDS View with parameters
  4. Extend a CDS View
  5. Associations in CDS View
  6. Currency/Unit Conversion in CDS Views
  7. Expressions & Operations in CDS Views
  8. CDS Table Function
  9. CDS View Entity
  10. CDS View mapped to OData Service
  11. CDS View with OData.Publish
  12. CDS View BOPF
  13. Virtual Elements in CDS
  14. Union in CDS

Visit ABAP on HANA series for Tutorials on CDS, AMDP, Eclipse, and ALV IDA.

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