In this post you can learn about few important shortcuts that you can remember to work better and faster in Eclipse while developing ABAP program in short, shortcuts.

There are so many shortcuts but I will cover few ones which I think are most important.


Code completion / Content AssistCtrl + Space
Keyword completionTab
Add commentsCtrl + <
Remove commentsCtrl + >
Toggle commentsCtrl + 7
Format source code / Pretty PrinterShift + F1
Format source code block / Pretty Printer selected blockCtrl + Shift + F1
Syntax CheckCtrl + F2
Activate ObjectCtrl + F3
Mark word / Select wordDouble-click
Mark whole line / Select whole lineTriple-click
SaveCtrl + S
Toggle Block Selection modeAlt Shift + A
Shortcuts for ADT – Editing


Go to definition / step into Ctrl + Left-click
Go to previous / next opened tabAlt + Left / Right
Open development objectCtrl + Shift + A
Open SAP GUIShift + F1
Backward/Forward one wordCtrl + Left / Right
Open Search dialogCtrl + H
Show ABAP Keyword DocumentationF1
Show ABAP element infoF2
Shows the signature of the method being editedAlt + F2
Where-used listCtrl + Shift + G
Shortcuts for ADT – Navigation

If you want to know all the shortcuts, you can simply use Ctrl + Shift + L. A scrollable list of shortcuts with functions sorted in alphabetical order will be shown.

If you want more functions/more short cuts or change the shortcuts then use below menu.

Windows->Preferences ->General ->Keys

Here, you can set up your own shortcuts.

Set up your own shortcuts

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