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Object Oriented ABAP

Object-oriented ABAP (OO ABAP) is an extension of the ABAP programming language that allows developers to write code using object-oriented principles where code and data are organized into objects where code can operate on the data easily, providing better modularity, reusability, and maintainability.

SAP recommends using OO ABAP over Conventional ABAP as much as possible, so, if you have not adopted OO ABAP for all purposes, this series will be helpful to get started.

  1. Object Oriented ABAP [1] : Introduction to ABAP Class
  2. Object Oriented ABAP [2] : Working with ABAP Class
  3. Object Oriented ABAP [3] : Triggering And Handling Events
  4. Object Oriented ABAP [4] : Exception Handling
  5. Object Oriented ABAP [5] : Creating Global Class in SAPGUI Editor
  6. ABAP Code Samples : Subroutines are obsolete – new program structure with classes
  7. Devtoberfest Learning Experience: Introduction to ABAP Object Oriented Patterns with Thomas Jung

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