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SAP Tips & Tricks

This page contains Tips for SAP consultants – especially for ABAP Developer

General Tips

  1. SAP Transport Request Sequencing Checks
  2. Search SAP ABAP Program Code using CODE_SCANNER
  3. Download and Install SAPGUI
  4. Save object in a TR without the TR selection Pop Up
  5. We All Know [ Ctrl + C ] [ Ctrl + V ] !!! Have You Tried [ Windows Key + V ]

ABAP Editor

  1. The Split Editor (SAPGUI & Eclipse)
  2. The Code Completion (SAPGUI & Eclipse)
  3. The Block Copy (SAPGUI & Eclipse)
  4. The Keys To Remember

ABAP Debugger

  1. Save Debug Session
  2. ABAP 7.4 and beyond [10] : Debugging Complex ABAP Expressions

ABAP Code Samples

  1. Subroutines are obsolete – new program structure with classes
  2. Create ALV without using a custom container
  3. Factory ALV Code Optimized
  4. Validate, Create and Read JSON data
  5. Send emails with .xlsx Attachment
  6. Read Excel File from Presentation Server
  7. Write Excel File to Presentation Server
  8. Read Excel File from Application Server
  9. Write Internal Table as Excel File on SAP Application Server
  10. ABAP Code Samples : Send emails with .xlsx Attachment
  11. ABAP Code Sample : ABAP Git
  12. ABAP Code Sample : ABAP2XLSX project

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