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RAP Model

This series talks about ABAP RAP Programming Model and how the OData services created using the RAP Model can be consumed to develop Fiori Element / UI5 applications.

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

  1. Introduction
  2. Managed Scenario
  3. Create Fiori Element App from RAP Service – Managed Scenario
  4. Unmanaged Scenario Part 1
  5. Unmanaged Scenario Part 2
  6. Unmanaged Scenario Part 3
  7. Create Fiori Element App from RAP Service – Unmanaged Scenario
  8. RAP Generator Wizard
  9. Travel Service – Use demo generator to create a Travel Service
  10. Travel Service – Generated Objects
  11. Travel Service – Annotations for List Page
  12. Travel Service – Annotations for Object Page
  13. Travel Service – Annotations for adding associated entity table
  14. Travel Service – Understanding CDS Entities
  15. Travel Service – Behavior Definition
  16. Travel Service – Miscellaneous Improvements
  17. Managed with unmanaged save
  18. Custom Entity
  19. Application with Editable List Report
  20. Field Validations & Prechecks
  21. Adding fields to existing custom service
  22. Determinations and Side Effects
  23. Actions and Feature Control
  24. External Numbering and Managed Early Numbering
  25. Unmanaged Early Numbering
  26. Unmanaged Late Numbering
  27. Concurrency Control
  28. Authorization Control

CDS forms base for ABAP RAP Model. Learn about CDS in the learning series ABAP on HANA

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