As the name suggests, this is a quick reference of SAP ABAP Releases. Before we look at the release list – some important points are as below.

  • All the 7.50 + releases are called as 7.5x releases.
  • ABAP platform is a term introduced with ABAP release 7.53. Hence, you will not find the ABAP platform mentioned in earlier releases. This replaces ‘AS ABAP/Application Server ABAP’ or ‘SAP Basis’ that was used earlier.
  • The release 7.5x is based on 7.40 SP08
ReleaseABAP Platform SAP S/4HANA on premise (OP)Kernel Release

In release7.40 we had various support packages. It is interesting that the version 7.5x is based on 7.40, SP08.

Support PackageKernel Release
7.40, SP107.42
7.40, SP087.42
7.40, SP057.41
7.40, SP027.40

If we go further back, Release 7.0 had EhPs or Enhancement Packs.

Release 7.3 EhP1
Release 7.0 EhP3
Release 7.0 EhP2
Release 7.0

We can go further back to 6.xx, 4.xx, 3.0 however – we will be discussing the ABAP enhancements in recent releases – so we will focus back on 7.5x.

The best way to find the release information is to visit ABAP documentation link. Go to the Release News and you can go through what is new in the latest release quite easily.

I plan to try out various things in these release and post about the experiments.

Here are the linked to some of the series that might interest you.

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Visit ABAP on HANA series for Tutorials on CDS, AMDP, Eclipse, and ALV IDA.

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