This is the session for Developers who are just starting with ABAP, or have been ABAP developer but have not yet moved to ABAP on HANA.

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Mamikee started the session with what is ABAP and addressed very important question. Why should one learn ABAP? The advantage with ABAP is that all development tools required are available at once place and are integrated with server. Developer does not have to deal with version management, you always use latest sources, issues are highlighted early at activation of the code and separate system is not required to merge codes from various developers.

Unfortunately Mamikee was not able to take us through the session due to illness. But Thomas Jung stepped in and the session continued.

The session covers –

  • Installing front end components of ADT in Eclipse
  • Sap BTP ABAP Environment – Trial Offering

Similar content is also available on this site if you want to read it in a blog format – link

Thomas covered the URLs / processes

  1. – ABAP Development Tools prerequisite information
  2. – Download Eclipse
  3. Eclipse Installation Process
  4. Installation of ADT
  5. Installation of ABAPGit plugin from
  6. – Create Trial account
  7. Add ABAP cloud system (ABAP Steampunk Standalone / Embedded Steampunk)
  8. Creating first class and write Hello World !!! As this is ABAP for cloud, interface if_oo_adt_classrun becomes mandatory for testing.
  9. – Quick view of how git repository looks like

My Take on the session

I had not installed ABAPGit yet, so the video helped me to install it. This would be useful in keeping the code backed up or synced up in different systems.

One question that you would definitely get from the session is what is ABAP Steampunk and what is embedded steampunk?

Well, the steampunk is SAP BTP ABAP Environment that has RAP, and is cloud ready among other things. The steampunk earlier was only available on SAP BTP platform i.e. only on cloud, but now it is also available on SAP S/4HANA private Cloud and on-premise edition which is called as embedded steampunk.

Coming back to the session. If you do not have Eclipse yet, watch the session. If you have Eclipse and also the abapgit plugin, then you can still watch it was a revision or skip it. The choice is yours.

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