This is first post of a new series Exploring ABAP Debugger where I will talk about ABAP debugger features and try to compare them with Eclipse wherever possible.

I personally like the GUI ABAP debugger a lot and prefer it over Eclipse Debugger and I hope that Eclipse Debugger will get better with time.

In this post, you will learn about saving a debug session and loading the saved session. This feature is only available in GUI ABAP debugger and not in Eclipse Debugger.

1. Consider that you have set up multiple break-points.
2. Use the menu option Debugger > Debugger Session > Save .

A pop up screen ‘Save Current Debug Session’ appears. Here, select the checkbox for breakpoints and provide new name in session name.

You can also save Watchpoints, debugger settings and Layout etc as well.

3. Take a break. Log out, log in again.
4.  Load the session using Debugger > Debugging Session > Load .

Note that you can also save the session to a file instead of database.

5. The breakpoints are loaded.

This is not a very popular feature and I have found that very few ABAP developers are aware of this. Do let me know in the comments whether you were aware of this and whether you find this useful.

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